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SST Human Factors Poster Accepted for Presentation at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 2016 International Annual Meeting

SST Human Factors experts Mr. Rob Bastholm and Dr. Tony Masalonis, with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) co-author Dr. Tanya Yuditsky, will be presenting a poster at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 2016 International Annual Meeting on September 19-23 in Washington, DC. The Development of a Style Guide for the Traffic Flow Management Traffic Situation Display Graphical User Interface poster details how to develop a usability-based style guide for software developers. 

Traffic Flow Management (TFM) functions to minimize airspace congestion and maximize safety and efficiency. The TFM personnel at the FAA use Traffic Situation Display (TSD) software to observe air traffic flow and weather systems and issue strategic congestion-mitigation initiatives to Air Traffic Control facilities. Since its initial deployment, the TSD has been augmented by various software development groups. This distributed process has led to an inconsistent interface that may not adhere to the most effective usability practices; due in part to limited human factors involvement during initial stages of development. The lack of human factors design has a detrimental effect on new users learning the interface, as well as causing potential errors to be made by experienced users. Our human factors team developed a style guide for an operational Air Traffic Management tool, and a companion consistency assessment to help developers: (1) adhere to usability principles for future software expansions and (2) bring legacy portions of the interface into compliance with the user-centered design. Our team will discuss the process of style guide development—including the unique aspects of the TFM user population and application domain, along with the implications of creating a style guide for TFM software—and the applicability of our guide beyond the TSD tool.

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