Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

SST has extensive experience in the area of Systems Engineering. Our engineers are highly adapt in performing and supporting activities such as: requirement analysis, system design, system development, system test, system integration test, and documentation. These activities include system configuration, system and interface testing, and support to performance testing, key site checkout, and post deployment support. 

SST is also experienced in managing the software release cycles and in performing software releases, installation and site checkout and validation process.

SST has significant experience developing software management plans that includes: Preliminary Design Reviews (PDRs), Critical Design Reviews (CDRs), and module implementation source code reviews.

Software Engineering Environment Support

SST’s Software Engineering Environment Support experience includes migrating older technology to new technology by performing technology refresh installations of hardware and software systems. Efforts for these projects include the development and maintenance of plans and schedules for site installation and integration; hardware and software installation and configuration; developing bill of materials and documentation for on-site installations, reviewing orders for accuracy; managing and coordinating staging activities for multiple sites, troubleshooting hardware, software and networking issues discovered during staging activities and managed and coordinated test and simulation activities. We define, schedule and track tasks and milestones including critical paths to ensure on time performance.

SST Tech Refresh teams have traveled to FAA field sites throughout the country to perform Tech Refresh deployments including hardware and software installation, configuration, and validation/verification. Additionally, SST provided engineering support for the move of the Command Center TFM operational databases and servers from the FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC) to the TFM Production Center (TPC). Additionally, SST provided 24/7 support for the Center’s databases and servers.

Network and Systems Administration

SST provides system and network administration support for its customers.  These activities include supporting hardware and software installations, test configuration setups, operations and control of the development and production systems, and Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) facilities.  This function also includes troubleshooting, definition of configuration parameters for network devices, operating system settings, and infrastructure COTS software settings. SST system/network administrators support the installation, setup, and configuration of 3rd party tools as well as a variety of operating systems and communications protocols.

SST provides database administration support for customers Oracle databases. SST DBAs are responsible for ensuring that hardware resources allocated to the databases have high availability and performance rates; providing trend analysis to the service management team that enables them to make informed decisions regarding resource management.  SST DBAs are responsible for troubleshooting, definition of configuration parameters for database and database hardware, improvement and maintenance of the database, data backup and data recovery.

Technical Data Management

SST engineers are experts at managing vast amounts of data. We collect and store more than 500 GB of data daily from across US and North America using software tools developed by SST for signal and performance analysis and evaluation. SST engineers have developed and implemented a methodology to store and manage these data resources using advanced Oracle features such as Advanced Queueing, Indexed-Organized Tables, Hash Cluster Tables, Flashback Technology, Database Resource Manager, Recovery Manager, and Wait Interface.

Help Desk Support Services

SST offers on-site or remote 24x7 Help Desk support. We provide all levels of support and problem resolution with hardware, software and applications problems. Our skilled Help Desk personnel are fully trained to understand and resolve problems using advanced troubleshooting skills, available tools and following procedures and policies for the handling of support cases. SST builds customized Help Desk solutions designed for your company’s specific mission and brand.