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About Us

About Us

Committed to Exceeding Customer Expectations

SST is an information technology company that has helped organizations imagine and create innovative solutions that improve safety and efficiency since its founding in 2001.

Our expertise includes

Systems and Software Engineering

Test and Evaluation

Data Analytics

Modeling and Simulation

Human Factors

Why Choose SST?

State-of-the-art technologies

We bring state-of-the-art technologies, proven methodologies, and best practices to our solutions, allowing our customers to achieve a faster time-to-market.

100% customer satisfaction

SST seeks 100% customer satisfaction by working with our customers with an edict of open communication and success at all times.

Proven project management practices

We listen to our customers' problems and use our proven project management practices to ensure that all stakeholders are fully engaged and satisfied during the project’s life cycle.

Committed to quality

We take pride in our work and are committed to quality, integrity, and results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a market leader capable of imagining and creating advanced systems and solutions that exceed customer expectations and create a better tomorrow through the application of knowledge and technology.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an innovative source of ideas and technical solutions that serves to improve safety and efficiency while lowering our customer’s operational costs through the effective integration of the human element with advanced technology.

Our Core Values

SST’s corporate core values represent our view of who we want to be as a company and as individuals. At SST, each employee is responsible to our customers, to our fellow employees and their families and to our communities. SST is committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity and expresses our deepest values about work, ethics, family, and achievement.

  • Create the highest value coefficient for our customers

    We strive every day to provide the highest quality skills for a fair price. The result is what we refer to as the value coefficient. The higher the value coefficient we can deliver, the better we feel about ourselves and our company.

  • Pursue every task with excellence

    The reality of life is that we cannot always be perfect, but we can always try harder. As a team, we demand that everyone strive to improve every day.

  • Treat everyone with whom we have contact (colleagues, customers, and vendors) with respect and dignity

    We do this as a normal course of business with the hope that others will treat us in the same manner.

  • Learn, grow, and be challenged

    Technology changes so rapidly that we must keep our skills and knowledge current. We all must continue to learn, grow, and be challenged.

  • Contribute to the success of our colleagues

    SST is a company working as a team. Each of us has the responsibility of helping others to succeed, as well as working toward our own success.

  • Have a good time

    Keep perspective in the work environment. Balance career with family and community. Ensure that SST management is open and honest in its dealings. Realize that a sense of humor and integrity get you much further than anger and frustration.

  • Give back to the community

    We appreciate all that we have and recognize that caring for the world and our communities is vital. When we give back through community service, charitable donations, and volunteering, we make a difference in the world, one act of kindness at a time. This can only benefit us all.