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Ground-Based Navigation (GBNAV)

SST provides the FAA with high-quality support services in acquisition, engineering, verification and validation, performance monitoring, modeling and simulation, and lifecycle support of all Ground-based Navigation systems of National Airspace System (NAS).

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Areas of Expertise

Ground-based Navigation Aids
Our Ground-based Navigation subject matter experts assist the FAA in implementing the most efficient and effective Ground-based Navigation solutions.
  • Instrument Landing System (ILS)
  • Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)
  • Very High Frequency Omni Directional Range (VOR)
  • Tactical Air Navigation System (TACAN)
  • Navigational Aid Monitoring Equipment (NME)
Ground-based Resiliency Networks
SST assists the FAA in transitioning the NAS to Performance Based Navigation (PBN). We develop a DME Area Navigation (RNAV) service monitoring tool to assess operational impacts to DME/DME RNAV service resiliency, including scheduled and unscheduled outages. We also develop a VOR Minimum Operational Network (MON) service monitoring tool to provide real-time VOR performance data within the Minimum Operational Network to ensure resiliency within the NAS.
  • Next Generation (NextGen) DME


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Visual Guidance Lighting Systems (VGLS)
SST provides expertise and technology to deliver reliable and efficient VGLS solutions.
  • Approach Lighting with Sequenced Flashing Lights (ALSF)
  • Lead-in Lighting System (LDIN)
  • Medium Approach Light System with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights (MALSR)
  • Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI)
  • Runway End Identification Lights (REIL)
  • Replacement Lamp Monitoring System (RLMS)
  • Remote Radio Control Interface Unit (RRCIU)
  • Remote Radio Control System (RRCS)
  • Semi Flush Flasher Lighting Unit (SFFLU)

Our Capabilities

Test & Evaluation

SST is FAA’s trusted partner in providing T&E support of ground-based navigation systems and VGLS through all phases of FAA’s Acquisition Management System (AMS) lifecycle in accordance with AMS policy and the FAA T&E Handbook.

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Test Bed Support
SST’s engineers are experts in the design, development, operation, and maintenance of the VGLS Test Facility, Navigation Antenna Test Facility, and Integrated Navigation Test Facility. SST assists our customer in the development of a photometric lab that provides the FAA with a new capability in evaluating emerging lighting technologies. We develop software for the control and data collection to measure antenna radiation patterns and validate the test facility performance with 3rd party data.
Modeling and Simulation

SST performs modeling analysis to accurately capture the predicted effects of terrain & scatterers on NAVAIDS. We utilize MATLAB to compare archived Flight Inspection Airborne Processor Application (FIAPA) data with current model outputs to accurately predict the NAVAID performance.

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