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Data Analytics

SST applies a multi-disciplinary approach of data analytics to assist our customers to make predictions, conclusions, and informed decisions that optimize their performance and the efficiency of the systems.

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Areas of Expertise

Data Mining

Our data scientists and engineers design and develop software tools that collect, process, and analyze large amounts of raw data in real-time. These tools allow us to extract valuable information from large sets of data, perform trend analysis, predict outcomes through the use of machine learning algorithms, and visualize the data in a meaningful way.

Machine Learning (ML)

Our data scientists use ML to analyze vast amounts of data without human biases. We employ best practices for ML development to ensure our ML models apply to data and tasks in the real world. We develop supervised ML models for classification and regression problems, and build ML models using unsupervised learning techniques for clustering, association, and dimensionality reduction tasks.

Case Study

Using Machine Learning in the Development of ARAIM