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Department of Veterans Affairs – the visionary SST team



Department of Veterans Affairs - The Visionary / SST team, wins task order 6 under the $25m IDIQ for Human Factors services

As a principal Subcontractor to Visionary Consulting Partners, LLC, Spectrum Software Technology, Inc., under the Veterans Admin IDIQ Won Task Order 6 - Models for Understanding End User Needs in a Pandemic:

  • The Human Centered Design (HCD) approach requires understanding of users and the socio-technical systems impacting their decisions and actions. A critical step of HCD is to understand the users, the context of use, and their needs within the specified environment. The rapid response to the COVID pandemic has highlighted the various interdependent roles and functions necessary to support ongoing clinical operations for critical patient care while facing environmental exposure of a highly contagious virus. Our team conducts Day in the Life (DITL) user research to capture and understand end user needs and scenarios in the respective operational context of use that can inform national program office decision making and be leveraged in evaluation of workflows, identification of capability gaps and analysis of end user needs in the development of national solutions. This effort will include analysis and user research required to understand and explore user stories of how individuals responded to urgent needs at various environments and settings of care delivery (ED/Inpatient/Outpatient/etc.).
As one of three companies selected out of a pool of competitors, this momentous win will allow the Visionary | SST Team to continue our commitment to our Nations’ Veterans and their families.