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Department of Veterans Affairs - the visionary / SST team, wins task order 14 under the $25m IDIQ for Human Factors services

As a principal Subcontractor to Visionary Consulting Partners, LLC, Spectrum Software Technology, Inc., under the Veterans Admin IDIQ Won Task Order 14 - Modernization of Health Systems:

The Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) includes many frameworks that can be applied to a complex adaptive system like modernizing Health Information Technology (HIT) systems. A critical component includes the functional decomposition of the complex system into elements that can be structured in a way to better understand the complexity and diversity of individual user groups’ requirements, in order to optimize to overall system design. The importance of a functional analysis is tethered to the critical business and user requirements, where the decomposition can be used to simplify the design validation and compliance with established functional capabilities. This process creates traceability with functional capabilities and performance criteria and provides clarity to all user groups as to the maturity of the system being transitioned to and the likelihood of successful adoption without complex workarounds that impact enterprise standardization. This information will inform the suitability of system design using simulation methods for human-system performance risks and evaluation of performance that determine the system adequacy and effectiveness.

A key priority for Clinical Informatics and Data Management Office (CIDMO) is the creation of standardized models of care. One element of these models is the processes and workflows required to support and execute care delivery best practices. Once there is a clearly documented understanding of current state workflow, activities can be completed to redesign, improve, grow, and optimize the workflows that are part of the system of practice. Evidenced-based business process reengineering involves the necessary analysis and redesign of core business (e.g., clinical, administrative, etc.) processes/systems to achieve improvements in performance, productivity, safety, and quality.

As one of three companies selected out of a pool of competitors, this momentous win will allow the Visionary | SST Team to continue our commitment to our Nations’ Veterans and their families.